R Programming

R is a statistical programming language to analyze and visualize the relationships between large amounts of data. This training series provides a thorough introduction to R, with detailed instruction for installing and navigating R and RStudio and hands-on training.

Course : R Programming for Beginners

Duration: 2-3 months (Weekly Classes on Saturday)

Time: 7.30 pm

Individual Fees: INR 2000/-

Group Registration Fees (Min 5 students): INR 1500/- per student

Class starting from: 25th Dec 2021 

The regular classes will get started from 25 Dec 2021. ​Students will have to appear for the online test after completion of the course. A certificate will be issued to the students after successful completion of the R Programming Beginners course.

Payment Options:

Name - Vishnu Pandey
Account No. - 919010003661262
IFSC Code - UTIB0000776
Bank Name- Axis Bank

2. Pay using Paytm or any UPI app

Note: Students will get payment receipt and course schedule after payment for the course. Please share the copy of the payment details to support@estudiousin.com/ info@estudiousin.com


Course Content


  • Introduction

Getting Started with R

  • Installing R and RStudio

  • The RStudio Interface

  • Installing and Activating R Packages

  • Setting the Working Directory

  • Basic Operations in R

  • Working With Variables


  • Creating Vectors With the c() Function

  • Creating Vectors Using the Colon Operator

  • Creating Vectors With the rep() Function

  • Creating Vectors With the seq() Function

  • Creating Vectors of Random Numbers

  • Creating Empty Vectors

  • Indexing Vectors With Numeric Indices

  • Indexing Vectors With Logical Indices

  • Naming Vector Components

  • Filtering Vectors

  • The Functions all() and any()

  • Sum and Product of Vector Components

  • Vectorized Operations

  • Treating Missing Values in Vectors

  • Sorting Vectors

  • Minimum and Maximum Values

  • The ifelse() Function

  • Adding and Multiplying Vectors

  • Testing Vector Equality

  • Vector Correlation

Matrices & Arrays

  • Creating Matrices With the matrix() Function

  • Creating Matrices With the rbind() and cbind() Functions

  • Naming Matrix Rows and Columns

  • Indexing Matrices

  • Filtering Matrices

  • Editing Values in Matrices

  • Adding and Deleting Rows and Columns

  • Minima and Maxima in Matrices

  • Applying Functions to Matrices (1)

  • Applying Functions to Matrices (2)

  • Applying Functions to Matrices (3)

  • Adding and Multiplying Matrices

  • Other Matrix Operations

  • Creating Multidimensional Arrays

  • Indexing Multidimensional Arrays


  • Create Lists With the list() Function

  • Create Lists With the vector() Function

  • Indexing Lists With Brackets

  • Indexing Lists Using Objects Names

  • Editing Values in Lists

  • Adding and Removing List Objects

  • Applying Functions to Lists

  • Practical Example of List: the Regression Analysis Output


  • Working With Factors

  • Splitting a Vector By a Factor Levels

  • The tapply() Function

  • The by() Function

Data Frames

  • Creating Data Frames

  • Loading Data Frames From External Files

  • Writing Data Frames in External Files

  • Indexing Data Frames As Lists

  • Indexing Data Frames As Matrices

  • Selecting a Random Sample of Entries

  • Filtering Data Frames

  • Editing Values in Data Frames

  • Adding Rows and Columns to Data Frames

  • Naming Rows and Columns in Data Frames

  • Applying Functions to Data Frames

  • Sorting Data Frames

  • Shuffling Data Frames

  • Merging Data Frames

Programming Structures

  • For Loops

  • While Loops

  • Repeat Loops

  • Nested For Loops

  • Conditional Statements

  • Nested Conditional Statements

  • Loops and Conditional Statements

  • User Defined Functions

  • The Return Command

  • More Complex Functions Examples

  • Checking Whether an Integer Is a Perfect Square

  • A Custom Function That Solves Quadratic Equations

  • Binary Operations


  • Creating Strings

  • Printing Strings

  • Concatenating Strings

  • String Manipulation (1)

  • String Manipulation (2)

  • String Manipulation (3)

  • Functions for Finding Patterns in Strings

  • Functions for Replacing Patterns in Strings

  • Regular Expressions

Plotting in Base R

  • Building Scatterplot Charts

  • Setting Graphical Parameters (1)

  • Setting Graphical Parameters (2)

  • Adding a Trend Line to a Scatterplot

  • Building a Clustered Scatterplot

  • Plotting a Line Chart

  • Setting the Line Parameters

  • Overplotting Lines and Dots

  • Plotting Two Lines in the Same Chart

  • Plotting Bar Charts

  • Setting the Bar Parameters

  • Plotting Histograms

  • Plotting Density Lines

  • Plotting Pie Charts

  • Plotting Boxplot Charts

  • Plotting Functions

  • Exporting Charts

R Statistics

  • R Statistics Intro

  • R Data Set

  • R Max and Min

  • R Mean Median Mode

  • R Percentiles